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Spices & Herbals

Spices and natural herbals from Reunion Island
3.80 EUR
Black Peppercorns - MadagascarBlack Pepper from Madagascar - Batch of 100 g.
8.50 EUR
Black Peppercorns - MadagascarBlack Pepper from Madagascar - batch of 250 g.
3.80 EUR
Cinnamon leaves - Bag of 20 g.Cinnamon dried leaves from Reunion Island - bag of 20 g.

2.90 EUR
Cinnamon powder  - batch of 100 g  Pulverized cortex of Cinnamon tree (Cinnamon verum) 100g
3.20 EUR
Cinnamon sticks (Madagascar) - Batch of 6   Cinnamon sticks of Madagascar, used in pastry , Net weight: 50 g.
2.50 EUR
Cumin / Wild Carraway - Batch of 100 grs  Harvested in Madagascar. Oriental originating spice Cumin (Cuminum cyminum) is cultivated and harvested since thousands of years
3.80 EUR
Curcuma - Reunion Island - 100 g.The Curcuma is a spice originating from India
6.90 EUR
Curcuma - Reunion Island - 250 g.The Curcuma (Curcuma Longa) is a spice originating from India
3.20 EUR
Hot Massale - 100gHot Massale spice mix and chilli, from the Reunion Island
3.90 EUR
Kaloupilé - Reunion Island. Net weight: 20 g.
3.20 EUR
Massalé - 100 g.Massalé is a mix spices from Reunion Island - 100g
8.00 EUR
Massale - batch of 250gMassalé powder made in Reunion Island
3.50 EUR
Pink peppercornBrazilian pepper tree fruit (Schinus terebinthifolia) are used for seasoning
3.20 EUR
Ravinsara leaves / FourspicesDried leaves of Ravinsara, all spice or four spices. From Reunion Island - Batch of 10 g
14.90 EUR
Spices Assortment  from Reunion Island - 15 sachets  15 spices varieties from the Reunion Island
2.50 EUR
Vetiver rootsVetiver is a natural, very perfumed mothball, from Reunion Island
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