Tropical Seeds,
Spices & vanilla, Madagascar Artcraft
Alpinia zerumbet Stephanotis floribunda / Madagascar Jasmine Plumeria / Frangipani Bauhinia purpurea Magnolia champaca / Champac

Fleur des Tropiques is a tropical seeds, plants & cutting, spices & vanilla seller from Reunion Island (France)

New seeds 2018: Ylang Ylang, Cocoa, Madagascar Jasmine, Desert Rose, Allspices, Combava, Torch Ginger, Cotton, coffee, Lime, Flamboyant, Baobab, Passiflora, Frangipani, Hot Chili peppers, Hibiscus, Terminalia catappa, Palms ...

Adenium obesum / Desert rose Cananga odorata / Ylang Ylang Stephanotis floribunda / Madagascar Jasmine Asclepias curassavica / Golden Basket Theobroma cacao / Cocoa

Vanilla beans, spices, herbals, tea, honey, vetiver, chilli paste, Rum spices...

Préparation pour rhum arrangé Miel Vanilla Thé Chilli Paste
Plants and cuttings (in French)

Discover our nursery plants (limited series)!

Vanilla, Frangipani, Franciscea, Combava, Clerodendrum, Passion fruit, Heliconia, Hibiscus, Palm trees, Fruit trees, Cacti... and more...

Vanilla planifolia / Bouture de Vanille Clerodendrum ugandense / Clerodendron Bleu - Jeune plant Cananga odorata / Ylang Ylang - Jeune plant Heliconia / Balisier Duranta repens / Vanillier de Cayenne - Jeune plant

FLEUR DES TROPIQUES is registered n° 452 268 733 00014 at the RC Saint Denis Reunion and conform to French and European rules.

Cordia sebestena Datura bleu Dypsis lutescens Eugenia brasiliensis Jatropha
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