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Advice of seeding - Fleur des Tropiques

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Culture of tropical plants in temperate climates (general)


Advice of seeding

Sow in spring, when the duration of light is growing, or full year in a heated, ventilated and lighted.

Sow 1 seed per cup of 7 to 8 cm at a depth equal to its size, a good standard commercial potting soil or a mixture of: 

1 / 2 peat
1 / 4 compost
1 / 4 sand, slag, gravel ...

Very fine seeds can be planted in groups, in bowl, but a transplant operation will be necessary.

Label each pot with the plant name and date of sowing. The removal of seeds within a time varies, depending on the species, 8 days to 1 year for some palm trees ...


To create the warm and humid climate where the plant originated and maintain a temperature of 25 to 30 with high humidity, the seeding is "stewed" under glass or mini-greenhouse, close of heat.Watering should be regular more abundant, we must keep the soil moist but not soggy, beware of excess water causing rot. It is advisable to water in rain (spray) or by soaking water (sub-irrigation), it avoids moving the seeds.


To hasten germination of hard seeds (heliconia, banana):
We soaked the seeds in warm water (renewed) for 24 to 48 h (Musa, heliconia, Ravenala, Strelitzia ...)
Or we practice scarification, namely to break or grind the seed coat (Macadamia, Cassia ...)


Conservation of seeds

The seeds are not planted soon will be stored in a cool place, away from light and moisture, for example in a opaque box food, the fridge. Some seeds have a lifetime short enough, and it is best to plant them soon.


Tips for repotting or planting:

When seedlings have reached a height of 10 to 15 cm, they must be repotted or planted in the garden if the soil is sufficiently warm (15 )The palm seedlings must be kept in pots for several years (except in Mediterranean climate) a periodic repotting in a deep pot filled with good fertile soil they will grow and improve. It is imperative to return before the 1st frost, with some exceptions.

Shrubs and vines can also be grown in pots or in suspension, but for maximum flowering and thus seed, it is preferable to planting in the ground, feet in the shade and head in the sun against a fence or arbor. Those with rapid growth and flowering can be grown as an annual (spring planting, summer flowering, death to the 1st frost) Others have a longer cycle, will not flower this year's planting will be protected from the cold. (under 10 )

Note that most of these plants do not tolerate frost, without exception.

I advise you not to plant your seedlings in the ground and make the experience to keep some pot and return to hot, if the other does not pass the winter ...To you to experience! Please also searches (by Latin name and common name) on the net, there are billions of information on plants.Thank you for your comments to share, which will be welcome!


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