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G E N E R A L  S A L E  C O N D I T I O N S


The «Fleur des Tropiques» society is registrated in Saint Denis/Réunion Island under number 45 22 68 73 7 000 14 in the «Registre des Commerces» of the Commercial Chamber. Its adress is 36, Rue des Cayambres, Savannah, 97460 Saint Paul, Réunion Island. Its mail adress is:

Any order of an item figurating in the «shop on line» is supposed to be consulted and accepted following the general sale conditions? The «click» validating the order implies a full acceptance of these conditions: your click is a «numerical signature»

Article 1 - SUBJECT :

These general conditions have for subject to define the rights and obligations of both the subjects/parties in the content of the sale on line of the proposed products, bu Fleur des Tropiques to the client/consumer. Freur des Tropiques reserves the right , unlimited, to modifie, to add to remove parts of these conditions at any moment, this without any notification. Your continued utilisation, after the date of changement of the conditions, implies your acceptance of these changements.



The contractual informations, will be the subject of a Mail sent to the adress indicated by the client /consumer on his/her order bill. Fleur des Tropiques reserves the right at any moment after order bill reception to modifie the order in case of indisponibility of one of the ordered items. All items, once the order has been passed, will be replaced by an other, similar and equivalent. Fleur des Tropiques can require complementary verifications or informations before accepting the order. It will have the right to refuse or/and cancel any order for items sold at an incorrect price,sales, or whatever other information or typographic error.



Computerized informations, kept in the Fleur des Tropiques societies computer systems under reasonable security conditions, will be considerated as proofs of communications, orders and payements between the two parties . Order bills and invoices will be stocked on a securized support and can be presented as a proof.



All efforts have been made to assure the accurateness of the informations presented on the website . Nevertheless Fleur des Tropiques and its suppliers are not responsable for the consequenses, incidents or other special damages resulting from the electronic transmissions or the inexactitude of the transmitted information, even when Fleur des Tropiques was concient of the possibility of damage. Product and producer names are only used for identification. Photographs and descriptions of product can not be impeded.


Our prizes are valid untill their modification, wich can intervene without previous notifieing. If the price is modified between the order and the payement, the order price will be applied.


The products will be delivered at the adress indicated by the client on the order bill, and only on our geographic delivery aereas.All products leave our site in a perfect shape. The client must do to the transporter or postman, a remark concerning the smallest sign of impact(holes, signs of crushing, retaped ) on the parcel; and , in case of, refuse the parcel. Change of all declared product, with handsight, damaged while transport , without any reservation transmitted when receiving the parcel, can not be token charge of. Like for any expedition, it can be possible to have a waiting time or that the parcel gets lost. If this happens, we will contact the contractor to start an inquiry. All efforts will be made , the time is might take, to find the missing parcel. We are not responsable for delivery time extension due to parcel loss, bad weather, or strikes (on behalf of «registrated parcels»)



Any anomaly concerning the delivery(rotten products, broken products, damaged parcel, missing products according to the order bill) must imperatively be marked on the order bill under the notification «reserves manuscrites» «hand written reservation», signed. The consumer must notice , before confirming, this anomaly to the transporter, whithin two(2) working days after the reception of the parcel(registrated letter or parcel), exposing the exclamations. The consumer must send a copy of this notice to Fleur des Tropiques. Without thIs certified report , no procedure can be opened.



The consumer must indicate the day , or, at least, the working day after receiving the parcel , any reclamation concerning an error of reception and/or no confirmacy of the nature of the products according to the quality figuring on the order bill. This extension time passed, all reclamation will be rejected. The reclamation must be adressed to Any reclamation not executed as designed above and in time will not be counted and will free Fleur des Tropiques of all responsability face to face/in face to the customer. In case of error of delivery or exchange , every product to exchange must be reconducted to Fleur des Tropiques in its wholesome and in its original packaging, in a perfect scape to the above indicated postal adress. To be accepted, every parcel return must be signalized and have a preliminary accord of Fleur des Tropiques, which society will send the parcel to the correct adress. The expedition fees will be on charge of Fleur des Tropiques, unless the product does not correspond to the original declaration done by the consumer, for the best way of the return of the item.



The dispositions named can not prive the consumer from the legal guarantee wich engages the professional seller to guarantee its products against all consequences of the hidden vices of the sold product. The consumer is specially informed that Fleur des Tropiques is NOT the produces of the products sold on the Website and that this society denies all responsability for defectual products.

Article 10 - CHANGES:

Retraction rights concern only civils. Any change can be made if the autorisation from Fleur des Tropiques is accepted, confirmed by E-Mail by the society. An item can be returned within seven(7) days after reception(poststamp makes law), under condition that the item is not beared, worn and that the label is still sealed, and expedited in its original packaging( to return registrated). The fee of the parcel – send and return- will be in charge of the consumer. No repay will ( in anyway) be possible. If there is no possibility to expidit an other product, you will have an asset for the amount on

: Fleur des Tropiques can not be , in any way, held responsable if the merchandise restitued , is the subject during the transport of loss, damage or an other state not mentionned, making the product improper to be sold again. In this case ,NO asset, No exchange will take place and Fleur des Tropiques will be cleared from all resposabilities.



The right of retraction is applied only to physical persons. According to the law 120-20 the consumer has a time limit of seven(7) calender days to return, on his costs, the product not conveining. This time limit starts the day of reception of the parcel. Every item returned must be previously notified to Fleur des Tropiques. The parcel must be send to the adress indicated before. The items must not be opened, worn, deprived of their labels, for the consumer maintains the right of retraction. Only will be taken back wholesome products, in their entire original packaging, not damaged, ready to be sold again. All damaged product, or with a damaged packaging, willt be neither changed,nor paid back. This right of retraction will be lead without penalty, exepted the expedition and return fees. In the hypothtic case of the right of retraction, the consumer has the choise to ask for an asset on the paid amounts(freight fees not included) or an exchange of the product. In case of exchange, the expedition fees have to be paid by the consumer. In case of retraction, Fleur des Tropiques will make all efforts to credit to the consumer an asset or a repay within thirty(30) calendar days.



All the content of the Website , including heading notes, images,illustrations, graphics , logos, texts are registered trademarks. The service mark, the commercial code, the copyright and/or other rights or permissions on intellectual property held by Fleur des Tropiques. The entire content of the Website guarantees the author’s rights beiing a collective work ruled by the European laws on copyright and has the right to choose, to coordinate, to arrange or to perfectionize the content. No content of can be copied, reproduced, published, transmitted, screamed(P2P)b distributed, signed and shown in public without authrisation of Mrs. RONOT, Catherine


Article 13 - Force majeure :

None of the parties will fail to its contractual obligations; in case of delay, hinding or empeachment by a case of «force majeure» . Will be considered as a case of «force majeure» all fact of cisconstance, exterior to the parties ,imprevisable, invitable and independant of both parties, which can not be neither imputed nor stopped by them, even after efforts made by both parties.The engaged party, under these circumstances, will inform the other party within ten(10) working-days from the day the problem is noticed. Both parties will set, within three(3) months, unless impossibility due to «force majeure» to examin the origin of the problem and conveine under wich conditions the contrant can be persuid. If this case of «force majeure» has a superior during of one(1) month, these general conditions can be terminated by the wronged party.The formal way, will be considered as «force majeure» or fortuited cases, others than usually retained by French tribunals and laws. Blocked transport ways, earthquakes, fires, hurricanes or other tempests, floods, lightning, interruption of communication by wire or sattelite , or difficulties proper to these communication works not lied to the parties.


If one or more stipulations of these general conditions will be taken or not be valued or declared as so, applicated by the law, an arrangement or after a decision of a juridical competense, the other stipulations will not be entamed.

Article 15 - NO GIVING UP :

The fact that one of the concerned parties has not taken advantage of a breach of the other party to one of the obligtions designed under these general sale conditions, can not be interpreted in the future as a claim for the named obligation.


Article 16 - APPLICATED LAW :

The present general conditions are ruled by the French laws. They are so for the fond rules as well as the form rules. In case of dispute or complaint, the consumer will refer in priority to to obtain an out of court solution.



All data you confie to us will be used to treat your orders. According to the law number 78-17 of January 6 1978,relatif to data processing, files and liberties, you have the right to rectify, consult, modify or suppress data you concerning you communicated to and held by Fleur des Tropiques. This right can also be carried out on line. You will convene that Fleur des Tropiques can put an end to your password, your account or your utilasation of our services for any reason, enclosed, without limitation, if it thinks that you have violated or have acted against the spirit of these general sale conditions. It can also, unlimited,cease its services., with or without previous notification. You convene that any stoppage of your access to our services under any form can be effectuated without previous notification, and recognize and convene that Fleur des Tropiques can immediately discontinue or suppress your account and/or block all access to files or services.


Article 18 - COMPLAINTS :

Any order passed to carries along the consumer’s support, without any restriction tp the general sale conditions of Fleur des Tropiques. In case of selling to a moral person, any difference relative to the sale(price, products,conditions) will be submissive to the Frech law, to the commercial court to wich the registrated office of Fleur des Tropiques belongs.