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Averrhoa Bilimbi / Gherkin tree - batch of 6 seeds

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Averrhoa Bilimbi / Gherkin tree - batch of 6 seeds

Averrhoa Bilimbi / Gherkin tree.

Batch of 6 seeds

Oxalidaceae family fruit tree, native of Indonesia, reaching 10 meters in its natural environment. The curious fruit, growing directly on the trunk, has the form and the size of a gherkin, translucent green, and used , depending the state of maturity ,in pastry or as a spice. Likes of other bigger trees to give fruits. Insects, attracted by the red flowers, attract often cameleons. The leaves are used in infusion or as a cataplasm.
Minimum temperature 10C.
To cultivate in a pot to enter in winter.

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