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Ceiba pentandra / Kapok Tree - Batch of 20 seeds

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Ceiba pentandra / Kapok Tree - Batch of 20 seedsCeiba pentandra / Kapok Tree

Batch of 20 seeds

Bombacacee(Baobab) family tree, originating Africa and Tropical America.
Also named "Cheese Tree"; reaching 40 meters in its natural environment. It has pretty palmed leaves, and a fruit with a leathery
skin, containing a fiber used for clothes, sleeping bags,cushions. Seeds contains a greensome oil,used in kitchening. The
leaves are eatable. The trunk is used for woodwork. No information on hardiness, so better to cultivate in a pot, to enter in
winter in a cold greenhouse(10C). Also cultivated as a bonsai. One kapoktree figures in the Guinness Book of Records:70 meters
high with a 3 meters diameter base, found on Java(Indonesia)

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