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Fruit Trees seeds - Assortment of 100 seeds

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Fruit Trees seeds - Assortment of 100 seeds

Fruit Trees seeds

Assortment of 10 fruit trees varieties from Reunion Island

Batch of 100 seeds

Consisting of:
Citrus aurantium / Sour Orange (10)
Punica granatum / Pomegranate (10)
Carica papaya / Papaya (10)
Psidium cattleyanum / Strawberry Guava (10)
Hylocereus purpusii / Dragon Fuit (10)
Annona muricata / Soursop (5)
Annona reticulata / Bull's Heart (5)
Passiflora edulis / Passion Fruit (10)
Passiflora mollissima / Banana Passion Fruit (15)
Averrhoa carambola / Carambola (5)
Cyphomandra betacea / Tomatoe Tree (10)

Sowing instructions included

Shipping by airmail letter from Reunion Island

"List and photos not contractual, lot may be modified according to the seasons of harvest."

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