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Passiflora seeds - Assortment / Batch of 100 seeds

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Passiflora seeds - Assortment / Batch of 100 seeds

Passiflora seeds - Assortment

Assortment of 9 varieties of Passiflora seeds from Reunion Island

Batch of 100 seeds

Consisting of:
Passiflora quadrangularis / Barbadine (10)
Passiflora mollissima / Curuba (10)
Passiflora alata / Wild Passiflora (10)
Passiflora ligularis / sweet Granadilla (10)
Passiflora edulis / Passion Flower (15)
Passiflora edulis 'Flavicarpa' / Grenadille (15)
Passiflora edulis ‘Giant’ (10)
Passiflora maliformis / Sweet calabash (10)
Passiflora caerulea / Blue Passiflora (10)

Climbing fruit-plant of the passiflora family, to cultivate on a support. To enter in winter except the P. Caerulea wich is frost resistant (-15°C).
Sowing instructions included.

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"List and photos not contractual, lot may be modified according to the seasons of harvest."

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