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Spices & Fruit mix for Rum - Mango Ginger

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Spices & Fruit mix for Rum - Mango GingerSpices & Fruit mix for Rum - Mango Ginger (curcuma amada)
Reunion Island origin

Sachet of 35 g
Perfume Mango Ginger, Spice mixture for arranged rum, composed of cinnamon leaves, clove leaves,
citronella and the root of the Mango Ginger (Curcuma amada) Preparation: put the content of the sachet in one liter of White Rum
,with 10% of honey or cane-sugar sirup, according to your taste and let soak for at least one month.
Can be conserved for several years.

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Préparation Rhum Arrangé - Gingembre-Mangue
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